By I.Soussis MD

How high is the percentage of natural conception and pregnancy in women with untreated colorectal endometriosis?

Erasmo et al. from Genova, Italy attempted to answer this question. Their study was presented at the ESHRE annual conference in Lisbon in 2015.

The study involved 55 patients with colorectal endometriosis, attempting to get pregnant, between 2009 and 2014.  Their partners all had normal sperm count.  All patients with a bowel stenosis (narrowing) greater than 60% and those who had undergone surgery for endometriosis, were excluded from the study.



The average age of patients was 33 years.  Natural conception happened in 17 patients(30.9%).  The average time to conception was nine months(2-32).

Twelve patients conceived with IUI or IVF(21.8%) over an average of 21 months (2-54).  After the first pregnancy, 3 out of 7 patients conceived naturally the second time.

The total percentage of pregnancies was 52.7% (29/55 women) with an average follow up of 21.5 months (2-54).



At least half of women (50%) with deep infiltrating endometriosis can spontaneously conceive following IUI or IVF without having to undergo surgery for the removal of endometriosis.

P-324,ESHRE 2015. Fertility in patients with untreated colorectal endometriosis.

I. Erasmo, F. Sozzi, A Racca, U. Leone Roberti Maggiore, P. L. Venturini, V. Remogida, S. Ferrero

University of Genoa