The limitations of medical and surgical treatments of endometriosis, have led some women to investigate other options of alternative or complimentary treatments.

Acupuncture, behavioral therapy, diet, nutritional supplements, vitamins and minerals administered by the patients themselves have been tried. Other examples are reflexology, homeopathy, chinese medicine, herbal medicine, exercise and psychotherapy.

These interventions are used by endometriosis sufferers to control pelvic pain, dysmenorrhea,  as an attempt to increase their chances of conception and to improve their quality of life.

BeFore a doctor recommends any treatment, he must see conclusive evidence, from high quality scientific studies, that is actually causing more good than harm.

Unfortunately, until now, there is no such evidence, that complimentary or alternative treatments really reduce the pain of endometriosis or actually increase the chances of a pregnancy.

Despite that, some women with endometriosis claim that the use of these treatments improved their quality of life and helped them cope better with their symptoms.

It is important to inform your doctor if you are using any complimentary treatments.


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