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This website was initially created to provide greek women with updated and trustworthy information on endometriosis.

We were pleasantly surprised along the way, to find that this was true for a much larger international audience. Therefore we decided to translate into english, first all the posts and then all the background information.

Our aim is not to replace your doctor, but to provide medically sound information on endometriosis and to bust all the myths associated with the condition.

The right information will enable women to recognize early their symptoms and seek timely medical assistance.

You can find information on the presumed causes, the symptoms and the treatments of endometriosis. Its relation to infertility and the real life success rates of the various treatments. Since we run an IVF unit, we obviously analyzed in depth the success rates of intrauterine insemination, in vitro fertilization and reproductive surgery in relation to endometriosis.

We are also very interested at the pregnancy outcome and the incidence of certain cancers in women with endometriosis.

We welcome exchange of information and we will be very happy to upload personal experiences.

We hope that your visit to this site, will help answer your questions.


Mr.Iakovos Soussis MD, MSc, FRCOG

Consultant Obstet-Gynecologist

Fertility Specialist


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